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“ The best Pilates Studio on the Kapiti Coast....Highly recommend the variety of classes”
Lizz Santos
“ Caroline is a great Pole Fitness Instructor – she starts at the beginning to teach the basics of dance skills, conditioning and strengthening so that as you progress your technique is as it should be, each step leads to the next skill which prevents injury. I totally enjoy the classes”
Eden O'Rourke
“Pole is empowering and teaches us to enjoy and appreciate our bodies. I started going because when I looked in the mirror I saw too many wobbly bits, but taking Pole Classes has changed the way I see myself. Yes, things still wobble but now when I look in the mirror I appreciate my body for its strength and grace. I’m still a long way from perfect but Pole has helped me learn to smile at my reflection”
Siobhan Malley
We booked a private Pole Dance Party
for a friends 18th and had the best time!
The Instructors were awesome, the Studio was really cool and our muscles
are definitely feeling it!
Lots of laughs and a great time, thanks so much!!"
Clare O'Byrne
" Best part of my week is coming to the class!"
Chantelle Ward
“I began taking lessons at Polefusion Fitness in August 2014 with the goal of getting upside down and performing  at NZAPP (New Zealand Amateur Pole Performer Competition) 2015. Caroline is a fantastic coach and has helped me to acheive both goals and so much more. I highly encourage everyone to give Pole Fitness a go at Polefusion Fitness – the instructors are all so welcoming and knowledgeable and you will be hooked too!!”
Shannon Scott
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